A healthy indoor environment free of airborne allergens, bacteria, viruses, and VOCs reduces absenteeism and optimizes academic performance and staff productivity.

Effective, Safe & Affordable Full-Facility Air Purification System

Covid-Clean offers a comprehensive indoor air quality solution for educational facilities where students and staff are exposed to dangerous and irritating pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds, odors, dust, pollen, and mold spores. Maintaining optimal indoor air quality in schools can reduce absenteeism, improve academic performance and enhance student and staff productivity. In addition, by utlizing ASHRAE's IAQ Procedure, engineers can save school districts significant equipment and energy costs by reducing outside air intake. Covid-Clean is installed in hundreds of schools around the country.

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Covid-Clean’s Technology can be easily incorporated into small or large educational facilities, reducing HVAC equipment sizes, energy consumption and providing a healthy, productive environment for students and staff. Plasma Air products can be selected to suit any building configuration, use less energy than a light bulb, and require little to no maintenance.

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We are extremely happy with our choice to install Plasma Air’s bipolar ionization technology. Not only is our air quality exceeding expectations, but we saved on our HVAC installation costs and continue to save significantly on our annual energy costs.

Clean Air Closes the Infection Control Loop

Covid-Clean works directly with engineers to install air purification technology into the HVAC systems of new school buildings and retrofits. Covid-Clean products are also sold as part of the WellAir ecosystem along with Novaerus medical-grade portable units, sensors, and monitoring software.