Thermal Mass Heater

Furnace & AHU
Skil-aire Furnace With Thermasi Technology:

1 to 5 Tons Furnace and AHU

Verified by UL to use 41% less energy to produce heat

Fits Thru 30″ doors — Heavy Duty Construction — Seismic Options

Oversized Control Transformer — Sight glass

Filter drier — High and Low Pressure Safeties — Color coded Wiring

High Static Capability for long Duct Runs — Splittable up to 150 equivalent feet

High Efficiency Motors — Optional UV lights and filtration for IAQ and Low Maintenance

Can be used with Hybrid Solar, Wind, or Grid Energy Sources Drastically cutting down greenhouse gases

Furnace With Thermasi Technology:

  • Engineering Manual
  • Specifications
  • (specify manual V, D or P)
  • Operation & Maintenance Manuals
  • CAD Blocks 1-5Ton Cooling / Heating