About Skil-aire

Proven excellence in air conditioning & precision environmental control systems.

Skil-aire is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baltimore, Maryland based Tithe Corporation, an environmental control and air conditioning products and services company that delivers integrated product technologies for cooling and enthalpy control solutions. Skil-aire’s component-based options packages enable customers to customize environmental control solutions to site specific needs. The company’s nationwide product distribution and applications support organizations optimize product availability and deployment to the point of best business advantage for their end users.  Skil-aire is a cooling and environmental control solutions supplier with over 400 experienced sales and applications consultants and 127 affiliate offices in the United States.  Skil-aire is an avid supporter of the PlanUSA (formerly Childreach) program and other charitable organizations worldwide.  A portion of all revenues is gifted monthly to these worthwhile causes.

Skil-aire’s Green Scene

Help with LEEDs and State Energy Codes
410A Refrigerants, VFDs, Electronic TXVs
Dual Cooling mode (with DX back-up)
Air Side economizers with Enthalpy controls
Programable controls
Pre Cooling and Pre Heating Coils
Water Side Economizers – EC Motorized Impellers

Our History

Skil-aire was originally founded in 1979 to develop a market niche for ceiling-mounted airconditioners that could be installed completely indoors. Skil-aire developed the world’s first specialty ceiling-mounted air conditioners that had the ability to be separated in the field without the loss of refrigerant charge, and could be installed with the evaporator up to150 equivalent feet from the condensing unit.  This design feature allowed for the installation of long runs of relatively inexpensive refrigerant lines in lieu of the standard, more expensive duct runs.  In addition, contractors appreciated the product’s quality and its ability to fit virtually any unit through the standard 30-inch door opening.  Soon Skil-aire became synonymous with ceiling-mounted packaged yet split-able equipment in the HVAC world.

In the mid-1980s, Skil-aire broadened its product offerings,  adding internal controls and accessories to meet the growing need for close tolerance environmental control systems of the technology and telecommunications industries.  The company also began developing customized equipment for many specific applications, and utilizing new technologies like 134A refrigerants and explosion proof sensors for hazardous environments.

Skil-aire was purchased by Tithe Corp. 1990, and moved its headquarters to Baltimore in 1992.  Skil-aire has continued to grow and innovate, while improving its distribution channels and strengthening its customer relationships.  Since1990, the company has expanded its network of sales representatives and affiliate offices throughout the country.  Through its 400 experienced sales and applications consultants and 127 affiliate offices, Skil-aire supplies contractors nationwide with its innovative products.  The company’s ideal location in the heart of Baltimore’s historic Washington Village section, just steps from the Raven’s M&T Bank Stadium, Camden Yards and the New Horseshoe Casino, provides easy access to I-95, the hub of major traffic routes; allowing next-day product delivery to most major east coast markets.

Today, Tithe Corp. is recognized as The American Company Most Known for Innovative Solutions, Quality Focus and Humanitarian Motivation.  Over the years, Tithe Corp. has sponsored over 60 children all around the world. Tithe Corp. sponsored up to 23 children each month through PlanUSA (formerly Childreach) adding an additional child every year. Tithe Corp. also contributes at least 10% of it’s profits annually to many other charities and causes around the globe.